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High-voltage machines with integral air/air tube-type heat exchanger 

Either with squirrel-cage or with slipring rotor are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Design and construction are the result of decades of co-operation with leading machine manufacturers, engineering companies and users.

Our range
Tube-cooled (air or water) machines up to 17,000 kW

Explosion-protected machines to types of protection ‘Pressurised enclosure' and ‘Flameproof' up to 10,000 kW

Vibration-protected machines for e.g. shredder drives
Low-noise machines

Basic industries
Power generation
Chemical/petrochemical industry
Off-shore installations
Recycling industry
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Frame and corrosion protection
Ventilation and noise
Active part
Winding insulation   
Terminals and terminal boxes

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High-voltage machines with integral air/air tube-type heat exchanger

Three-phase asynchronous motors with rated outputs from 2,000 kW to 17,000 kW for rated voltages up to 13.8 kV

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