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Since the foundation of the company in 1882, the name SCHORCH has stood for high-quality electrical machines. With numerous drive systems supplied worldwide SCHORCH is your competent partner for your national and international projects.

SCHORCH is a modern, market-oriented supplier of many different types of industry, e.g. oil & gas, chemical/petrochemical industry, energy generation, water supply and waste water management, shipbuilding, steel and metal processing industry, test stands, tunnel applications etc. In all these applications, our tailor-made products and systems have, time and again, met the highest requirements in view of both quality and reliability.

It has always been our aim to design and construct innovative products to the highest possible quality standards, fully meeting our customers' requirements, with due regard to the protection of the environment. Our tailor-made drive concepts give you the competitive edge - worldwide.

The Team

The Team

Customer Day 2023

Motor No. 44077001, Motor type: KR7242H-AK10
Motor No. 44021201, Motor type: KU6536G-PA04
Typ KU6536G-PA04
3000 kW
6000 V
330 A
1491 /min
II 3G Ex ec db eb ib IIC T3 Gc
Motor No. 44068101, Motor Type: KR6935G-PH04
Typ KR6935G-PH04
4000 kW
10000 V
265 A
1494 /min
Ex pxb db eb ib IIC T3 Gb
Motor No. 44075904, Motor Type: KR6031G-DC04
Typ KR6031G-DC04
1000 kW
6600 V
101 A
1489 /min
Ex db IIB T4 Gb
Motor No. 44039101, Motor Type: KA2454X-EJ01E-Z
Typ KA2454X-EJ01E-Z
220 kW
6000 V
30 A
596 /min
Motor No. 80022001, Motor Type: LN8280M-AZ89Z-Z
Typ LN8280M-AZ89Z-Z
31-250-250-210 kW
70-460-460-460 V
385-385-370-310 A
417-3336-7652-9000 /min
Motor No. 80023101, Motor Type: KL5829B-AT04
Typ KL5829B-AT04
1440-1440-1300 kW
610-690-690 V
1660-1410-1290 A
2123-2300-4300 /min
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